swampsat II satellite

Mission Statement

SwampSat II’s mission is to design, develop, test, and launch a 3U-class CubeSat to characterize very low frequency (VLF) wave propagation in the upper ionosphere.

Mission Objective

SwampSat II’s mission objective is to characterize very low frequency (VLF) electromagnetic wave propagation within the 1 kHz to 32 kHz frequency band in low Earth orbit (LEO).

About the Satellite

SwampSat II utilizes a 4 m x 4 m loop antenna for increased
sensitivity and high-fidelity VLF signal measurements.

Four “enabling” technologies:

  1. Non-conductive, non-ferrous, deployable booms.
  2. Boom spooling and deployment system.
  3. Antenna element spooling and deployment system.
  4. VLF wave receiver, sampling, and data storage system.